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Vape your way toward a glorious delta-8 high with a Delta 8 Tangi Kush Cart.




Start vaping your way to delta 8 bliss with a Canna Kings Delta 8 Tangi Kush Cart. This Pyrex glass 510-threaded cartridge contains a full milliliter of vape oil, along with an internal coil to heat the e-liquid as well as an external mouthpiece.

Pure, Lab-Tested Delta 8 THC Distillate and Terpene Extracts

Each cartridge contains nothing but the good stuff – ultra-pure delta 8 along with terpenes that have been carefully extracted from high-quality plant material. And, that’s it – these carts are free of any kind of additives, so you won’t be inhaling cutting agents, flavoring agents, or any other fillers into the body.

Tangi Kush: Bold Sativa Effects, Delicious Citrusy Flavor

Tangi Kush is a Sativa strain that brings you those uplifting, euphoria-inducing effects that give you something to smile about throughout the day. Its mouthwatering citrusy flavor profile comes strictly from the terpenes and is certain to hit the spot with each puff.

Fast-Acting Delta 8 On Demand

By vaping delta 8 THC, we get to enjoy effects that kick in within mere minutes, along with a potency level that you can only achieve through inhaling the cannabinoid. This vape cartridge lets you take puffs throughout the day as needed, for an on-demand delta 8 routines.




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