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Your delta 8 edible routine is about to really be on fire now with Canna Kings Cheesies Flaming!


Ready to kick your delta 8 routines up a notch in a hot and oh-so-cheesy way? Awesome, because Canna Kings Cheesies Flaming is gonna set those cravings blazing. Anyone who’s a fan of “flaming” crunchy snacks will find themselves reaching for these edibles again and again, all while being treated to some of the highest-quality delta 8 on the market.

Packed with Bold Flavor

Why settle for bland edibles, when you can enjoy a cheesy, savory, and spicy treat that wakes up every single taste bud? These cheesy nacho-flavored crunchies are coated in spiciness that instantly exhilarates you before the delta 8 even begins to take effect.

150mg of Pure, Lab-Tested Delta 8 THC

Each bag contains 150 milligrams of delta 8 THC distillate, which is an ultra-pure extract derived from hemp. The number of milligrams in the bag means that a single bag will get you through several servings since the standard serving amount is 25 milligrams.

A One-of-a-Kind Delta 8 High

Consuming delta-8 as an edible guarantees several hours of effects – about several hours or so – so that you can sit back and really enjoy the sensation of the cannabinoid working its way through the mind & body. Edibles are also known to deliver the strongest body high out of any delivery method.




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