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For a bright and tropical taste that will have you feeling like you’re in absolute delta 8 paradise, vape away on a Rechargeable Pen in Pineapple Express.


Finally, there’s an even more convenient way to vape your delta 8 THC throughout the day, and in the most tropical way possible. Canna Kings Delta 8 Rechargeable Pen in Pineapple Express combines quality with convenience, offering a hassle-free, draw-activated disposable vape pen that instantly makes your vaping life simpler than before, all while ensuring the finest and purest hemp derivatives in our industry today. At last, you can carve out a bit of delta-8 paradise for yourself!

Get Ready for a Fast-Acting and Potent Tropical-Like Delta 8 Vaping Experience

Disposables are an extremely user-friendly type of vaping setup, being all-in-one kits ready to hit straight outta the package. It houses a cart pre-filled with delta 8 oil and an internal coil to heat the e-liquid. Plus, at no time do you need to recharge the battery (unless you want to since it is rechargeable) or refill it with vape oil.

Pineapple Express: A Legendary Sativa

Pineapple Express is the ultimate Sativa strain for those who want to enjoy the high of delta 8 during the daytime, or simply want to book their next getaway without having to leave the house. Basically, the uplifting properties never knock you out, but instead make you feel focused, motivated, and sociable. Plus, the pineapple taste of the terpene profile is simply amazing.

Nothing But Hemp in Each Vape Pen

Each vape pen contains a 100% pure hemp formula, with only lab-tested delta 8 THC distillate and botanically sourced terpenes. There are zero fillers, additives, or flavoring agents of any kind to get in the way while you seek out your favorite hemp compounds on that delta-8 island of yours.



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