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Get ready for an uplifting delta 8 vaping experience which can very well send you into a state of pure euphoria when hitting a Rechargeable Pen in Skittlezzzz.



Ready to see what’s on the other side of the delta 8 THC rainbow? Great, because a Canna Kings Delta 8 Rechargeable Pen in Skittlezzzz will no doubt get you there. This draw-activated pen-style device is fully disposable, providing vapers with a complete gram of excellent hemp vape oil that never needs any kind of maintenance. Meanwhile, it delivers the absolutely glorious effects and flavor of an all-time classic strain.

A Conveniently Disposable Approach to Vaping

Arrives fully charged and ready to go immediately after being removed from the packaging. Not only that, but it also houses a cart pre-filled with delta-8 oil and an internal coil to heat the e-liquid. Plus, at no time do you need to recharge the battery (unless you want to since it is rechargeable) or refill it with vape oil.

Skittlezzzz: Delicious Flavor and Blissful Effects

Skittlezzzz, aka “Zkittlez”, is a 70% Indica-dominant hybrid beloved not only for its sweet n’ sour fruity-candy-like taste, but its dazzling effects that can lift the spirits while putting the body at complete ease.

Only Pure Hemp Can Be Found as You Go Across the ‘Rainbow’

The pot of gold here is unrefined hemp. Meaning, NO: cutting agents, fillers, or flavoring additives of any kind. Instead, you will be vaping pure delta 8 THC distillate that’s lab-tested by a third-party facility, along with botanically sourced terpenes that are amazingly fresh.



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