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If you’re all about edibles but wanna switch things up, look no further than CK Double Whammy Cakes!


CK Double Whammy Cakes have arrived to help you enjoy delta 8 THC even more than you ever thought possible. These decadent, mouthwatering snack cakes are so delicious, you’ll forget that you are taking them as part of a delta-8 routine. Treat yourself to edibles that really deliver in every way, since the best treats really do come in pairs!

Unforgettable Flavor

These snack cakes consist of rich n’ moist chocolate cake stuffed with silky vanilla cream, and then coated in a blend of gooey marshmallow and crunchy shredded coconut.

Pure Delta 8 Makes These Cakes Even More Awesome!

Each pack provides you with two cakes, each containing 100mg delta 8 THC. With the standard serving size being 25mg, you’ll be able to make a single pack last for quite a while. The delta 8 is ultra-pure, and derived from the hemp plant to be fully federally compliant.

A Delta 8 High to Remember

Ingesting delta-8 means that we get to enjoy its effects for up to 8 hours at a time. Not only that, but edibles are known for offering the strongest body high out of any delivery method, This means you can feel those effects deep within the muscles. Now how ultra-sweet and rich is that?


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