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Use a topical cream that works for you in order to get the most targeted relief possible in those achy muscles and joints like this one.


Canna Kings Hemp Cream Super Efficiency offers a totally new approach to experiencing the hemp plant’s most valuable properties, acting as a topical that targets specific problem areas for more concentrated relief. Made with the finest compounds found in hemp, it’s easy to use, fast-acting, and capable of taking your routine to the next level.

Enhanced with Natural Ingredients

Our Hemp Cream contains cannabidiol and terpene-rich hemp extract, which effectively sinks into the body’s muscles and joints. But, that’s not all. Each jar has additional active ingredients derived from mother nature, including cooling peppermint, soothing aloe vera, restorative Vitamin E, and stimulating green tea.

Easy to Use

Topicals couldn’t be easier to apply. Simply scoop out the desired amount and massage it into the affected area. Within about 30 minutes, you should feel the effects kick in, and these effects can last for up to 6 hours.

Great for Targeted Relief

CBD topicals are ideal for more localized issues of the skin and deep tissue since you’re applying the valuable compounds directly to the areas that need them the most. If you have a pesky problem area, a topical may have what it takes to alleviate your discomfort.



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