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Canna Kings THC-O Pouch Gummies are so amazingly juicy and loaded with THC-O, it will feel like the summer season all year round.



Are you ready for a psychoactive hemp experience like no other? Awesome, because Canna Kings THC-O Pouch Gummies deliver a far higher potency level than that of delta 8 THC. Providing a fresh n’ oh-so-sweet taste of watermelons, these summertime-like gummies are a true treat that offers effects for up to 8 hours.

A Powerful High Like Never Before

If you’re psychoactive cannabinoids fanatic but haven’t given THC-O a try, you don’t know whatcha you’re missing. THC-O-acetate is 3x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, all while remaining federally legal. It’s renowned for its euphoric effects, and its potent body high makes you feel a sensation of absolute bliss.

Juicy Watermelon Flavor in Each Bite

Our THC-O gummies boast a magnificently refreshing watermelon sensation so that each and every bite makes you feel completely satisfied in the best ways possible.

Only the Finest Lab-Tested THC-O

Canna Kings is proud to work with only the finest raw hemp material to produce our THC-O distillate, which is done using the most up-to-date extraction methods available to the industry. Not only that, but each batch undergoes a rigorous testing process through a third-party facility to guarantee that it has the ideal potency, purity and quality levels.



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