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Get ready for an uplifting THC-O vaping experience which can very well send you into a state of pure euphoria with this THC-O Skittlezzzz Indica Cart.



If you want to see what a powerful psychoactive cannabinoid looks like at the end of a hemp rainbow, get ready for Canna Kings THC-O Zkittlezzzz Indica Cart. It delivers a blast of pure THC-O-acetate blended with one of the most beloved indica strains of all-time. This Pyrex glass 510-threaded cartridge contains a full gram of vape oil that boasts sublime purity and an exceptionally fresh terpene flavor, along with an internal coil to heat the e-liquid as well as an external mouthpiece.

A Powerful THC-O High

THC-O-acetate is a strong cannabinoid within the hemp plant that’s about 3x as psychoactive as delta 9 THC. In other words, THC-O is gonna provide a potent high. People say that THC-O even makes them feel euphoric, while delivering a body high that makes the muscles feel absolutely at ease.

Zkittlezzzz: Get Ready for Some Sweet Rainbow-Filled Bliss

Zkittlezzzz, aka “Zkittlez”, is an extremely popular indica-dominant hybrid that is known for soothing the body while offering an uplifting sensation to the mind. Its sweet n’ sour fruity flavor alone makes it a strain worth trying.

Pure and Lab-Tested Hemp

These vape carts contain only pure THC-O-acetate distillate and botanically derived terpenes. There are zero additives or cutting agents, plus, we have our hemp lab-tested by a third party to guarantee the finest purity and quality levels.



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