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Your THC-O vaping experience deserves a little razzle-dazzle added in, so grab a THC-O Rechargeable Vape Pen in Blue Raz Indica today!



If you want a bit more razzle and dazzle in your hemp vaping life, time to pick up a Canna Kings THC-O Rechargeable Pen in Blue Raz Indica. It delivers those potent psychoactive effects of THC-O-acetate for a powerful high that’s complemented an absolute winner of an iconic strain.

Easy to Use and No Maintenance Required

Draw-activated disposable vape pens make our lives a lot easier, since they need no maintenance, and are ready to vape straight outta the box – arrive fully charged and assembled. They house the cart pre-filled with THC-O oil and an internal coil to heat the e-liquid. At no time do you need to recharge the battery (unless you want to since it is rechargeable) or refill it with vape oil. Just take a hit and you’re good to go!

Blue Raz: Uplifting, Soothing, and Flavorful

Blue Raz is a somewhat mysterious strain that’s known for its laid-back, easygoing effects, great for newbies and advanced users alike. That blue raspberry flavor hits the spot, while its effects can offer a lifted sensation mood-wise, coupled with a refreshing feeling within the body.

Pure Hemp, Lab-Tested for Quality

Our disposables are made with an unrefined hemp vape oil formula consisting solely of THC-O-acetate distillate and botanical terpenes, with zero added ingredients. Hemp is also lab-tested by a third party to guarantee those ideal quality and purity levels.



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