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Never vaped THC-O before? You don’t know what you’re missing. Vape a THC-O Rechargeable Pen in Gelato Hybrid today!


Ready for a potent and fast-acting THC-O experience like never before? Canna Kings THC-O Rechargeable Pen in Gelato Hybrid promises an insanely rich THC-O-acetate high that’s notably potent, alongside the awesome effects of an all-time classic hybrid strain that tastes and vapes as good as it feels.

Disposable, User-Friendly, and Maintenance-Free

Draw-activated disposable vape pens really are user-friendly because there’s no maintenance involved (arrive fully charged and assembled). This device is ready to vape straight outta the box. They house the cart pre-filled with THC-O oil and an internal coil to heat the e-liquid. At no time do you need to recharge the battery (unless you want to since it is rechargeable) or refill with vape oil. Just take a hit and you’re good to go!

Gelato: Tasty and Uplifting

Gelato is an extremely sought-after strain known for its refreshingly fruity and creamy flavor profile, along with its balanced hybrid effects. Many find it to be uplifting to the mind while promoting a sense of blissful ease throughout the muscles of the body.

Nothing But 100% Pure Hemp

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These vape pens proudly contain a 100% additive-free formula, consisting strictly of pure THC-O-acetate distillate, derived from organic hemp material, and botanically sourced terpenes. We have our hemp thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory, which guarantees the ideal potency, purity and quality levels.



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