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This THC-O Vape Cart really is a ‘dream’ come true – potent, fast-acting effects, and of course, has an absolutely dreamy strain to keep you in the vaping mood.


Canna Kings THC-O Blueberry Dream Indica Cart combines a powerfully potent cannabinoid with one of the dreamiest strains out there today. That way, you feel absolutely satisfied after every puff. Each Pyrex glass 510-threaded cartridge contains a full gram of vape oil that boasts sublime purity and an exceptionally fresh terpene flavor along with an internal coil to heat the e-liquid as well as an external mouthpiece.

THC-O: A Powerful Psychoactive Cannabinoid

THC-O acetate is a cannabinoid that’s known to be about 3x as intoxicating as delta-9 THC. This makes it quite powerful, and unforgettable. Its high is often described as euphoric, with a heavy body high that leaves you feeling absolutely mellowed out.

Blueberry Dream: Your Sweet Dreams Escape to an Indica Experience

Blueberry Dream, aka “Blue Dream”, is a legendary and highly sought-after indica that has a rich blueberry flavor and the ability to make you feel uplifted and at ease without overwhelming you. Its easygoing nature makes it great for night and day.

Pure Hemp that’s Lab-Tested for Quality

All THC-O Cartridges contain 100% pure hemp – no fillers or additives here. The hemp has been lab-tested by a registered third party, ensuring it maintains those ideal purity, quality, and potency standards we adhere to.



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